Next steps for Clang Power Tools

Horatiu Prica Horatiu February 3, 2021

We are happy to announce that Clang Power Tools is now entirely free for everyone while keeping it open-source on GitHub. We had a blast these past two years, working full-time on making Clang Power Tools better and bringing to fruition its code modernization mission.

No more sign-up! No more commercial license! 100% Free

Clang Power Tools has become a robust tool, and by reverting to a completely free license, we hope that more users will utilize Clang Power Tools at work as well as for their personal projects.

As we are using Clang Power Tools daily in our own C++ dev workflow, the team will keep supporting the tool and enhance its capabilities. As always, we welcome your ideas and feedback.

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Information for our current license owners

Thank you for your support for the past two years; your help has made the project possible.

You can expect that:

  1. We will continue with our usual release schedule and planned roadmap
  2. For the entirety of the license period, we will continue to offer premium support

If you have any questions, please write us.

A new complementary standalone tool

To kick-off this new year, we have decided to make a new free standalone tool, to help you create and detect format styles. Introducing: Clang Format Editor.

This tool gives you access to the Style Detector, which allows you to find the best formatting style for your code, as well as the Format Configurator, which lets you configure and import .clang-format files.

Clang Format Editor

More about Format Editor

Many of you have requested these features outside of the Visual Studio IDE, so we have created a free standalone tool for everyone to use. And it’s open-source, too.

For any feature requests or bug reports, let us know on the Clang Format Editor GitHub page.

Free and open-source

Moving forward, all utilities related to Clang Power Tools (scripts, Visual Studio plugin, Clang Format Editor) will be kept free and open-source. We hope that you will join us in this upcoming journey.

Happy coding!